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The name of this project is straight forward and speaks honestly. It is simple. It is a reflection of what music means to me and the impact it has had in my life, more than ever, in the recent months. Music is not only something you listen to. It is something that makes you FEEL. It’s movement is so dynamic, it dances, trips, jumps, stalls, and runs through the space around us. It’s energy can even stop time or make you feel as if you are getting a bird’s eye view of the worldddd. It’s power to MOVE is incredible.

When I hear a beat, it instantly puts me into a certain space. Even with the same song, it makes me FEEL something different every time. It’s impact is pure, and reflects the state of mind, the present moment, and sound will manage to seep into the space within yourself that most effortlessly takes it in. A space where the sound can be FREE.
Music inspires my creative mindset. It creates a vision, an image, a STORY in my head.
I would like to share with you these stories through photography and visually surface the FEELS a particular sound gives me.

Not only is the story told through my emotions, I either asked the individuals to choose any song that felt right for them, or they listened to the same song that I happened to be incredibly hyped on. Whatever space they entered where the music resonated most freely for themselves…this is also a reflection of their unique story.



KAYLA.  Why did you pick these songs? “I’m mostly a chill introvert person so I just listen to this when I want to be in my cool zone. Both of those songs put me at peace.” – Kayla Second Song of Choice    //     […]

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RAN.  //  IG  @ranminisce What does this song mean to you? “Reminded me of home, my girl back home, and how I’m leaving to NYC”… “And how in NYC, people won’t remember me that often, but I’ll miss em’.”– Ran Your real. Your honest. You […]

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Tressa & Trevor. They are wonderful people, photographers, and partners in life who exude an adventurous spirit. I asked them to choose any song…this is what they chose. It’s an amazingly vibey song and the feels on this is pretty incredible. Tressa //  IG : @tressascharf […]

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