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KAYLA.  Why did you pick these songs? “I’m mostly a chill introvert person so I just listen to this when I want to be in my cool zone. Both of those songs put me at peace.” – Kayla Second Song of Choice    //     […]

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RAN.  //  IG  @ranminisce What does this song mean to you? “Reminded me of home, my girl back home, and how I’m leaving to NYC”… “And how in NYC, people won’t remember me that often, but I’ll miss em’.”– Ran Your real. Your honest. You […]

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Tressa & Trevor. They are wonderful people, photographers, and partners in life who exude an adventurous spirit. I asked them to choose any song…this is what they chose. It’s an amazingly vibey song and the feels on this is pretty incredible. Tressa //  IG : @tressascharf […]

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